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with and things we use including broadcast media, and health-care are rooted in scientific discovery and technological innovation. there has to be a greater appreciation for their role of science and technology in society. and we have to get young women engage early. we found at the university that if women are engaged in experimental work it makes a big difference. we try to create an intergenerational system but as a leader of a university when young women come up through the ranks and come forward through the promotion and tenure process we have to ensure fairness. it is a complex problem and that is why it is hard for people to talk about it. >> why is it important there are more women in science? >> it is important there be more scientists. we are about to face what i call the quiet crisis. you have a number of scientists in this country who came of age in the post sputnik era as i did and beginning to retire and those retirements are going to accelerate over the next few years. the second invariables that people talk about when we talk about age 1 bb depends very strongly on im
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1